Webapplication frameworks like Rails offer a lot of protection against standard exploits. However this will not guarantee you that you are 100% safe. Wrong usage of the framework or simple programmer mistakes can leave your application wide open for anyone to abuse.

As a CISSP and rails security expert I can audit your application on or off-site. If you need more specifics or need a non-rails application to be audited, please feel free to contact me and ask about the possibilities.


Any growing application will encounter some kind of performance problems in its lifetime. Finding out why your application is not performing as you expected can be very difficult. And because the internet now offers a wide range of NoSQL, high performance, cloud caching monkeys, it is even more difficult to actually solve a scaling issue correctly.

This is where I might be of assistance. I can help you to pin point the root cause of your problem and choosing the right solution to fix it. Whether this may be building your own hosting center, moving to the cloud or just replacing an sql-query.


Having great plans for scaling and security is always nice, but it is also vital that the rubber hits the road somewhere.

If you need somebody to actually do the work or check if somebody else has done their work, I might be able to help.

I've got a masters degree in Infomation Technology and have experience developing and codereviewing big webapplications.

I'm also a big fan of Zed Shaw!